For maximum benefit, you must carefully read the following before proceeding.

It is your task to associate one of the 87 chapters which comprise the Pauline epistles to the book in which it is found. The chapter which you will view is chosen completely at random

In solving this puzzle, you will never type a number or a word into any space. The entire game is played with four buttons on two pages.

FIRST PAGE (two buttons)
First Button:

You are now viewing the first page. At the top of the page is a button labeled "RANDOM CHAPTER." As the name indicates, clicking this button will take you to Page 2, where a randomly selected chapter will be presented. Do not click the button now.

Second Button:

A second button is found at the bottom of this first page. It is labeled "HOME" and clicking it will send you to the first page of the site and out of this puzzle.

SECOND PAGE (two buttons)
First Button:

At the top of the second page is a button labeled "NEW CHAPTER." This button serves two purposes. Clicking it will take you back to Page one, where you can either click on "RANDOM CHAPTER" to continue the puzzle OR you can click on "HOME" to take you out of the puzzle.

Second Button:

Your book selection will be made with this second button. On the left side of the second page, there is a listing of the 13 Pauline epistles. To the left of each book name is a small black square box.You are to click on that box when you make your book selection. If your book selection is correct, that long rectangular black box directly under the "NEW CHAPTER" button will display the book name and chapter number. If your answer is incorrect, the box will remain black. You can, of course, continue to make book selection choices...for the same chapter...until you have the correct answer.

Continued play will give you an improved understanding of the construction of the Pauline epistles.